Touch Of Luxury: Bedrooms

Touch Of Luxury: Bedrooms

It’s any homeowners dream to live in a beautiful, luxurious house, but many people don’t have the money or time for a million dollar makeover. However, you do not need a vast fortune to turn your house from mundane to magnificent. The following article is part one in our Touch of Luxury series and will give you some ideas on what building and décor elements you can incorporate in your bedroom to add some spice.

Touch of luxury: Bedrooms


When choosing the colour of your bedroom, avoid using any vibrant, bold hues. These can trigger strong emotions in some people which can defeat the purpose of a comfortable room. Instead, incorporate some soft coloured paint or wallpaper.

A mother of pearl colour can evoke a sense of purity and royalty in your bedroom. This gives your room a soft atmosphere. For those looking to have a sophisticated and intimate design, use a deep royal blue, as blue is known for being a calming tone. You can also use gold and silver to accent the other tones. However, use these sparingly or it can look a bit gaudy and cheap.

Incorporating these colours will not break your wallet if you know where to look. Good places to find discounted wallpaper or paint are home improvement stores. You can also check with your luxury home builders for a good source.


Carpeting is a popular choice for those who want a little luxury in the bedroom without sacrificing practicality. They are comfortable on the feet and keep the room warm. There are hundreds of colours and styles to choose from, making them versatile and affordable.

When you are selecting a carpet for your luxury bedroom, consider using a textured style. There are a variety of these with different designs and colours. Most textured carpets are affordable and can be bought from flooring suppliers. A good rule of thumb is to pick one based on the colour scheme you want for your bedroom.


The lighting in your bedroom is important as it provides both functionality and style. A good way to achieve a luxurious look is to carefully consider the fixtures you will use. One type of lighting for example is recessed lighting. This can provide a subtle amount of illumination which won’t strain your eyes. These fixtures are very stylish and can complement the design of your luxury bedroom. Certain recessed lighting comes with adjustable settings. This allows you to lower or increase the brightness of the room to suit the time of day.


There are numerous kinds of cabinets, beds, drawers and other type of furniture suited for a luxury bedroom. It is recommended to purchase ones which match the design or atmosphere of your room. For example, if you chose to use a mother of pearl wallpaper, you will want to have wooden furniture. This creates a classic look, as if the room is in a mansion in the country. If you chose a navy colour scheme, furniture with a sleek design is recommended. These provide a modern feel, like that of a penthouse suite bedroom.

As to where you can find this type of furniture without having to spend too much, the markets are your best friend. There are an incredible number of homemade items you can find here, with the ability to restore or modify it at home.

For more advice on creating a luxury bedroom, you can talk to an expert home designer here. Next blog: Bathrooms

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