Home Purchasing Process


Stage 1: Initiation Stage

Stage one starts by you either choosing one of the Bella Casa luxury designs or the completion of your requirements which will serve as input to the concept design of your new home. The key information needed is:

  • A copy of the purchase Lot Plan of your land.
  • If using a Bella Casa design, siting the house on your land, and a list of changes you may require.
  • If a one-off design, your requirements and other ideas/information you have, and a budget range.
  • If your own design, a copy of your plans. A copy of the Estate Covenant and any other covenants/restrictions. Assessment of feasibility for go/no-go to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Estimation Stage (Allow 4-6 weeks)

In this stage a contour survey is undertaken and the house concept design is completed.

An initial deposit is required to get this stage underway and covers the items below:

  • The concept design is developed from either your requirements list or the list of changes to the chosen Bella Casa design.
  • We arrange for the contour and service identification survey, and undertake the concept design.
  • The specification level chosen and a list of additional and or changed items completed.
  • The Bella Casa estimate is discussed with you to ensure clarity and completeness.
  • Upon acceptance of the concept design, initial specifications, and cost estimate, stage 3 commences i.e. Letter of Estimate signed.

Stage 3: Engineering and Building Contract Stage (Allow 4-6 weeks)

This stage includes all the components required to prepare a fixed price contract, and prepare plans ready for Building Approval lodgement.

A further deposit is required to get this stage underway and covers items below.

  • A soil test is undertaken and full working drawings and specifications are prepared.
  • Engineers footing and slab design are developed.
  • A fixed price Letter of Offer, incl. plans and specs, is presented to the client for acceptance.
  • Full contract documentation is prepared. Building contract presentation and acceptance at our offices.
  • On signing of contract, payment of the contract 5% deposit, less the previous deposit monies paid, is due for submission of plans for building approval.

Note: Prior to signing the Building Contract we require:

  • Your finance approval or evidence of monies held sufficient to complete construction. Written covenant approval from the land developer (if required). Proof of land ownership.

Stage 4: Building Approval Stage (Allow 6 to 8 weeks, if no unforeseen delays occur)

During this stage building approval and Authority to Commence Construction is obtained.

  • Bella Casa applies for Building Approval via Certifiers.
  • Meeting with Colour Consultant arranged to coordinate Colours, tiles, fixtures and fittings.
  • Bella Casa forwards to you a copy of your Building Approval and Insurance Certificate required by your lender.
  • On receipt of the Building Approval, Bella Casa requires your Lender to issue the Authority to Commence Construction. Construction cannot commence without it.

Note: Building close to boundaries and sewer/water/stormwater mains, as well as retaining walls >1m height, requiring relaxation, and un-sewered blocks, can add 4 to 8 weeks to stage 4 time frame.

Stage 5: Building Stage

Time frame for completion of this stage is dependent on a range of factors:

  • The Complexity of the building; Number of changes made; Land registration; Legal and Council requirements; Labour and or Material supplies, Extreme weather conditions; Delay in client decisions etc.
  • It is in Bella Casa’s best interest to complete your home as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of building. The building time is clearly stipulated in the building contract which allows for wet weather, holidays and weekends.
  • The Bella Casa Supervisor will meet with you on site prior to commencement of building work to discuss building matters. Our Supervisor will have regular contact with you during the building of your home.

We look forward to a forming a relationship and building a home that we both will be proud of.

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