The Touch of Luxury: Kitchens

The Touch of Luxury: Kitchens

The previous article recommended various elements to add a touch of luxury in your bathroom. The bathroom is a place made both out of practicality and for enjoyment. The same can be said for the kitchen. For this article, we are going to focus on how you can add a little luxury to your future kitchen.

The Touch of Luxury: kitchens

Your kitchen is possibly where your family spends the most time together. It is also a popular place to host guests. To make your kitchen more inviting and engaging, consider the suggestions below.

Floor and wall colour

Picking your colour first can make it easier to choose the theme or design for your kitchen. Here are some suggestions for colours that will suit the space:

  • Yellow – This colour brings about a sense of cheerfulness ideal for any kitchen activity. Try to use it liberally in one particular area, and then soften it with more natural tones like brown and cream. Hardwood flooring is a good match for yellow walls. However, ensure it has stain and moisture resistant finish. This colour scheme is suitable for a subtle country home design.
  • Orange – Orange represents the sun which symbolises life. This is the perfect colour for the kitchen as it energises the space. Think a pumpkin coloured wallpaper or paint. Hardwood flooring with the same finish mentioned above can complement this colour scheme, but tiles are also a good match. This scheme is versatile as you can incorporate it into numerous designs.
  • Green – This colour represents raw nature which symbolises health. It invokes a feeling of relaxation. It is recommended to use light green coloured tiles on your walls, rather than a darker colour. Dark hardwood flooring or grey tiles complement this scheme. This is suited for urban kitchen designs.

Space and layout

When most people think of luxury kitchens, they think of a large open space. To achieve this without having to re-construct your entire kitchen, consider using space saving storage and furniture. One example of this is kitchen counters with room for stools to be stored under when not in used. Another is a table with drawers and shelving to keep utensils and other items.

Another way to save space is the layout of your kitchen. Not only does this make the room appear larger, it also increases your cooking efficiency. One example of this is a U-shaped layout. This is where the counters are place on the wall to form a horse shoe shape. The layout gives the centre a wide open space and makes it more functional.

Green appliances

Most luxury homes utilise green appliances. These are a great addition to your kitchen as they are affordable, energy efficient and can even save you money. They utilise less electricity without sacrificing performance. Green microwave ovens, for example, can heat your food at the same rate as other conventional styles while using less power.

When planning out your luxury home renovation in the Sunshine Coast or anywhere across Queensland, it never hurts to ask your home builder for advice. They will make sure you get the results you are looking for.

The next article on giving your home a touch of luxury, we will look at the dining room.

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