Five easy ways to rejuvenate your home

Five easy ways to rejuvenate your home

If your home is begging for a refresh and you don’t want to spend a large sum of money, you’d be surprised at the small changes you can make to give your home a whole new look and feel.  Minor renovations offer you just enough freedom to mix it up in your home without having to start completely from scratch.

A new bathroom, kitchen, floor coverings, a small extension or a garden makeover are among the minor renovations that don’t have to cost a fortune but can make a huge impact to the value and look of your home. When planning your luxury home renovation in Brisbane or anywhere across Queensland, Bella Casa Constructions are happy to give you advice including these five easy ways to rejuvenate your home:

1. Modernise the bathroom and kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most used rooms in the household and can also become dated very quickly. You can switch up kitchen stovetops, appliances, flooring, lighting and splashbacks. Even a new showerhead or laying new tiles can spruce up the space.

2. Install new floor coverings

No amount of floor cleaning will lift its use-by date. Underneath the carpet, you may find floorboards that can be sanded and polished to reveal a whole new look. Otherwise, you might want to switch from carpet to tiles and display a feature rug.

3. Add a coat of paint

Choose a colour scheme based on the style and mood you want to create in the space. A colour consultant at Bella Casa Constructions can help you choose what colour scheme will be suitable for the room you are renovating.

4. Revitalise fittings and fixtures

If your kitchen and bathroom only need a little updating, consider changing your taps to a more modern look. Another simple way you can give a new look to your home is by giving your walls some attention by hanging some art or photos. Change your light switches if they are revealing a yellow tinge and dress up the windows with new curtains or blinds.

5. Make the most of your outdoor living space

If you’re looking at a big patch of grass and an old rotary clothesline, it’s time to give your outdoor space a lift! Whether you have a small or big backyard, you can create a wonderful outdoor living space with a bit of handiwork. Planter boxes, wooden decks and some comfy outdoor lounges are a great combination. If you do have a smaller yard, it all comes down to using the space as efficiently as you can, which is something a top luxury home builder can help you with.

Whether you’re looking into alterations or extensions, Brisbane’s luxury home renovators at Bella Casa Constructions have the solution. We can help make your renovation a reality and have colour consultants who can work with you to finalise colour schemes, fittings and fixtures. See some of Bella Casa Constructions luxury renovations in Brisbane here.

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