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Seeking some design inspiration? Look no further!

Bella Casa Constructions has a range of designs that can guide you and make your dream home a reality. Whether you want to work off a plan, or have your own ideas, Bella Casa Constructions will provide quality service to make the process from design to finish easy.

Check out the gallery below for some of our recent designs for more inspiriation!

Top Selling Home Designs

Flexible and accommodating home designs will always sell. If you’re renovating or building a home, below are the three design elements you should always apply:

Space saving

A narrow lot is a design gold mine in disguise. Wisely use your space by building two floors. Architects say it’s less expensive to have two-storey homes due to smaller roofs and foundation. Single-floored homes are also more costly to build since additional dividers need to be installed for different rooms.

You can choose from small house designs in Brisbane. Use high quality roofing materials on top and bricks on your façade. In evenings, energy efficient lighting can be placed on selected sides of your walls for an illuminated effect. This should make your house look elegant and marketable.

A touch of the outdoors

Verandas and patios are not only appealing to the eyes, they also add to your quality of life. Staying outside and enjoying the sun can boost your mood. Basking in the sun rays gives you positive hormones and natural vitamins.

You can bring the indoors outside by creating a lounge and living space in your garden. Make this outdoor extension extra cosy by adding furniture such as chairs and tables.

If your home allows it, you can transform your veranda into a gazebo. With this style, you can have meals with your significant other in the evenings and tea time with friends in the afternoons.

Room for flexibility

Your home should adapt to the changes in your lifestyle and have the flexibility to alter the layout. Some examples can include changing a study into a third bedroom or extending the home to build another living area.

Flexibility should still be applied for small spaces. The tip is to have three activities in one area at most. Make sure they are related, so it would not be as difficult to move your furniture around. For instance, a bedroom can function as a study room and entertainment area.

Homes with flexibility in mind also minimise the need for furniture. You won’t need a stepping stool if you can pull out a vanity step drawer for your children. Jewellery boxes and beauty supplies can be stored behind a full length mirror which opens into a cabinet.

Practicality will always reign when it comes to home designs. If you’d like to know more about practical home designs to fit your lifestyle, call Bella Casa Constructions at 07 3711 7306 today.

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